The new way to collect

Cool Cats & NFTs

EtherCats is the first NFT project to employ Chainlink VRF for verifiably random pack generation. The fun is just beginning as we journey down our roadmap to a playable collectible card game.

Verifiably Fair

We use Chainlink VRF to generate provably fair collections of fine feline NFTs

NFT Governance

Founders Series and Noble Cats convey voting power in the House of Meows chamber of the EtherCats DAO

ECAT Token

Mint cats, buy consumables, and more with our native token

Platform Agnostic

EtherCats NFTs can be traded anywhere freely without reliance on a centralized platform


Meet a Random EtherCats Character


Series Quick FAQ

The Founders Series cats were the very first NFT packs minted with Chainlink VRF. Each pack contained five random cats, and the series itself was limited to just 500 packs. Before being augmented with game properties, these cats were randomly assigned a point total and multiplier. The total score of each Founders Series cat now represents its total voting power in the EtherCats DAO.

Noble Cats were originally called Bonus Cats. The EtherCats NFTs were issued as rewards for early minters, or offered individual on a first come, first serve basis. While not generated by Chainlink VRF, their population can be as little as one depending on the EtherCats character.


Each Noble Cat is assigned a vote total that commensurates with the rarity of the cat. Since these were minted with the OpenSea collection contract, these cats will be later assigned in game properties in accordance with DAO resolutions.

The Beast of the Game series of cats represents the first cats natively assigned game properties from birth with Chainlink VRF. Each cat in this series will be released individually, with varying weights of properties, and parallel animations for select cats. 

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