About Us

EtherCats is both a DAO, and cooperative of different companies throughout the world. The worldwide lockdown brought everyone together in a way that wasn’t possible before. EtherCats development takes place currently in seven different countries, and this fact closely mirrors the project ethos of cats being the same in everywhere in the world. The diverse team has a range of ethnic backgrounds, political views, and identities that stand united against censorship.

Nadia Khuzina

Chief Artist

Early tokenized art evangelist. Former political and print artist.

Woody Deck

Technical Lead

Game theory expert, and smart contract developer.

Noah Boeken

Executive Cat Herder

Internationally recognized card player, and web entrepreneur from the start.

Edvard Gzraryan

Software Engineer

Former founding member of NFT forerunner ArtBank. Expert in blockchain indexing.

Alex West

Game Design PM

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with multiple start-ups in the gaming space. He has designed several products from the ground up, while also consulting with other game companies including Magic: the Gathering’s makers, Wizards of the Coast. Alex has over twenty years of business experience, starting at his family’s manufacturing plants at a young age. He has served in a breadth of roles from production on the factory floor, to quality assurance, industrial engineering, strategic analysis, and managing acquisitions. Alex loves chocolate, waterfalls and art!

Dan Burdick

Game Design Lead

Dan has spent the last nine years designing games. This includes multiple freelance projects, three years as manager of Magic: the Gathering’s play experience/balance team, and extended work with Dire Wolf studio’s digital collectible card game offerings. Dan is passionate about game design that is accessible and inviting to people of all cultural and social backgrounds, levels of ability, neurotypes, and psychographs. He sees games as ways of building communities, teaching new skills, and making positive social change fun and engaging. Dan loves pets, karaoke, and arcades.

John Tigue

Game Technical Engineering

John received a B.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins. After a brief stint at Microsoft seeing how the sausage is made, he’s been a serial start-up character playing all roles in software development organizations. Open source and open standards have been a passion of his career since his involvement with Apache and W3C efforts as XML and SOAP. Games with a mission are a great way to make this a better world. Therefore, Many Hands aligns with one of John’s mantras “have serious fun.” John loves music, bikes, and neuroscience.

Dan Clegg

Cat Whisperer

Dan is a retired high stakes poker player and was one of the strongest players of Limited in the early years of Magic: the Gathering’s professional tournament scene. Dan is adept at gathering information, synthesizing it, and making strong decisions on the fly. Dan is an international traveller, living in India, Berlin, and currently in Budapest. You can find him in NFT chat rooms and DJing on Saturo radio. Dan brings his connections to these subcultures and his artistic aptitude to every project he works on. Dan loves cats, music, and comedy.

Jed Dolbeer

Game Designer

Jed spent a decade in sales and customer service before moving to project coordination at Amazon.com. Jed brings the same thoughtful focus he once did when listening to customers to Many Hands, identifying the needs of his team members and meeting them with speed, skill, and care. Jed was introduced to playing card and board games by his grandmother, and at the age of 10 discovered Magic: the Gathering. He never stopped playing, and the game took him to several stops around the world on the Professional Tour. Jed loves cooking, basketball, and his puppy.

Zac Elsik

Game Designer

Zac has a decade of experience developing for and supporting online communities through coding, database, and analytics works. He also comes with experience working on Magic: the Gathering as a designer at Wizards of the Coast. Zac loves to curate experiences for other players, attempting to imagine what an experience someone else will enjoy will be and then building it. Iterative design is fun because each change prompts new reactions from players to use to dial in the design further. Zac personally has gotten a lot of joy out travelling to play competitively, which he has done with both Magic: the Gathering and Super Smash Brothers. Zac loves cats, people, and learning.