ECAT Token



ECAT is a utility token that has already been used to buy and sell EtherCats NFTs. In the future, it will be used as the main token of the EtherCats collectible card game. It’s an approved ERC20 on OpenSea, and is verified by EtherScan. While not yet appearing on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, it is traded on the Ethereum mainnet on, and on Polygon’s

The successfully sold out ILO of ECAT was seeded with 5,000,000 ECAT at $0.01 per token, and an additional 6,487,118 ECAT was distributed to early participants in various promotions, bug reports, and airdrops for each Founders Series mint. As fees became outrageously high, the decision was made to bridge ECAT to Polygon. In August of 2021, the insider liquidity existing on SakeSwap was moved to QuickSwap once the bridge went live. Later that month, ECAT was also bridged to Solana.


While the total amount of ECAT in circulation is 12,487,118, once the project grows, the liquidity provided on Polygon will be removed and the received ECAT locked with the other tokens. This amount may vary due to the nature of AMMs. Insiders agreed not to sell for at least a year, and to publish vesting schedules of any tokens to be potentially sold off. Since revenue will exist through the game itself, there is less reliance on selling tokens for remuneration. Insiders see the tokens as leverage with potential partnerships.

Allocation Amount
87,512,882 ECAT
Polygon (Insider Provided Liquidity)
2,500,000 ECAT
Solana (Bridged ECAT on Serum)
1,000,000 ECAT
Remaining Distributed
8,987,117 ECAT
Total Tokens
100,000,000 ECAT
In Circulation
12,487,118 ECAT

Sultan has expanded his mind to love all blockchains, and purrs whenever he hears the phrase ‘decentralized oracle’.

Deflationary DAO Policy

The ECAT contract has no mint or burn function (primarily for security). It is a barebones OpenZeppelin implementation. Therefore, strategies involving yield farming or burning will not work to encourage adoption. To handle the supply of ECAT, the DAO is expected to make policy in the best interest of the project, including locking ECAT revenues allocated to the DAO from sales/gameplay. In addition, insiders will lock all ECAT revenue supply received from royalties and other streams, further lowering the circulating supply.

ECAT Token Logo

Bridging ECAT to Polygon

Despite the name EtherCats, our cats have a wide crypto territory than traverses many blockchains. We highly encourage bridging you ECAT to Polygon using their bridge. Once you go to,, then search for ECAT in the search bar. It will come up as, and show your Matic balance, so don’t worry if you don’t see your mainnet ECAT there.

Getting ECAT (Please Bookmark)

The best way to acquire ECAT is to use on Polygon. Please bookmark this page so you can always reference the correct contract. If you are unsure, please ask in our discord, or try a micro amount to make sure. ECAT is not yet big enough to exist on the arbitrary official lists, so you will also be warned by when you add a custom contract address.

Polygonscan ECAT Bridge Contract
Please note that 0xa1d6cd1a37f82813ac9852cd7e96f909cbccea06 is the token address to add to

Solana Serum Market

To view the market on Serum DEX you must add the market contract by first clicking on the plus sign.

Enter the market contract shown, and listed below (PnpT…JpeJ). You can enter anything you want for ‘Market Label’. ‘Base Label’ should be ECAT.
Please note that PnpT3WenS21X8vVDS5kJuwBwisKKzSCj7yBwHkGJpeJ is the market address to add to

8KhZkPEjA5bWXNDnAov5chVdADyLdtb8yDV6XF3a5aMB is the Wrapped ECAT native SPL token bridged from the ERC20 ECAT contract.

ECAT Contract Ethereum Mainnet
Please note that 0x120cbc99bb2a713872c6b8d06306ddb79c55e96f is the token address to add to and Uniswap.