Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Meow


The Founders Series cats were the very first NFT packs minted with Chainlink VRF. Each pack contained five random cats, and the series itself was limited to just 500 packs. Before being augmented with game properties, these cats were randomly assigned a point total and multiplier. The total score of each Founders Series cat now represents its total voting power in the EtherCats DAO.

Noble Cats were originally called Bonus Cats. The EtherCats NFTs were issued as rewards for early minters, or offered individual on a first come, first serve basis. While not generated by Chainlink VRF, their population can be as little as one depending on the EtherCats character.


Each Noble Cat is assigned a vote total that commensurates with the rarity of the cat. Since these were minted with the OpenSea collection contract, these cats will be later assigned in game properties in accordance with DAO resolutions.

The Beast of the Game series of cats represents the first cats natively assigned game properties from birth with Chainlink VRF. Each cat in this series will be released individually, with varying weights of properties, and parallel animations for select cats. 


Mint new cats on EtherCats.io when they are available. You can buy secondary market cats on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. We recommend OpenSea because it shows clearly the verified status of the project, has robust filters, and for the fact it updates metadata properly.

Each series has different cats and different properties available. The Founders Series was entirely created using Chainlink VRF, while Noble Cats were minted on OpenSea's ERC1155 1.0 contract. The former allows us to update with new properties, while the latter is fixed for all time.


We recommend listing on OpenSea. They have auctions, bulk listings, and show the market best. You can also list on other NFT marketplaces like Rarible. EtherCats NFTs are ERC1155, which means they can't be shutdown, censored, or restricted because someone doesn't like you.

Market value is always tricky. NFTs are less liquid than other assets. Sometimes they can be hot depending on the market cycle. The current market functions similar to the real estate market. You may have only a few people interested in your NFT, so the more you do to market on your end (the better the broker), the more buyers you will find. Have a look at the current floor price on OpenSea, and try to gauge things from there. Also, keep in mind that the Founders Series cats took significant amounts of Link and gas to mint. This mindset should be the starting place for pricing.

ECAT Token

The ECAT token is a utility token for the EtherCats game and ecosystem. Governance is administered via the Founders Series and Noble Cats NFTs for now.

Yes! Many cats have already been sold or listed in ECAT. This is the preferred way to trade. When the game is released, it will be a core part of gameplay. We also plan to list ECAT exclusive NFTs in the future.

There are AMM pools on SakeSwap.finance (ETH), and on QuickSwap.exchange (Polygon). ECAT was bridged to Polygon in August of 2021. You can head to the Polygon bridge to move any ETH ECAT over.


ECAT's contract address is 0x120cbc99bb2a713872c6b8d06306ddb79c55e96f. If you are unsure of anything, contact us on Twitter or Discord before doing anything. Don't get scammed!


Anyone who wants to participate in the House of Meows (currently on Discord) can. Ask for moderator approval. To be able to vote on proposals accepted, you will need to have Founders Series or Noble Cats. These are the governance tokens of the project.

The House of Meows is the lower chamber of the EtherCats DAO responsible for most of the project's direction. EtherCats is a community driven project that seeks to divest insider power gradually to the masses.

The Royal Court is a collection of insiders, early investors, and vocal yentas who act as a distributed monarch. This is a check on the power of the House of Meows. The Royal Court has a Queen (which is a term that applies regardless of gender to the person holding the title), who acts as the president of the Royal Court with certain special veto powers.

Each Founders Series cat is worth its Chainlink VRF generated total score in votes. Each Noble Cat was assigned an arbitrary vote value before the start of the DAO. For each address that you control that has these NFTs, you can assign all of your votes to yay or nay to a proposal. An agreed block snapshot is taken so you can't vote and then send to another address to send again once the proposal is sent for a vote.


OpenSea and Rarible both show a verification checkmark on EtherCats NFTs. If you don't see this verification, please contact us on discord. It's probably a scam!


Have a look at the articles on provenance of EtherCats NFTs for links to specific contracts. OpenSea shows EtherCats as one monolith, but that is a merged group of approved contracts we submitted.

Chainlink is a project to provide data oracles to Ethereum contracts. The EVM is not capable of generating random numbers or referencing outside data. Chainlink oracles allow for decentralized data to be input into contract. The Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) service simply provides verifiably random numbers to the EtherCats contracts so that cats (and their properties) can be created and distributed fairly.


The most confusing part for newcomers to our project is the minting process. The minting process requires a request, and a response to be provably random. This means that there are two transactions that take place when minting. First, your payment/request to mint, and then secondly the response from the VRF node to the contract which is the actual mechanism that creates and distributes the NFT. Only the approved VRF coordinator is allowed to call this function, and that is hardcoded immutably into the contracts.