Hall of Fame

All Founders Series cats were born equally with Chainlink VRF. However, some cats ended up more equal than others, even if they still quadrapedically strut around blockchain like their comrades. Their provenance secures their status as the rarest of rare. The Founders Series ended with a total litter of 2,500 NFTs, but the Hall of Fame was limited to the top 36 scores and ratings (plus ties).

Cats in the Hall of Fame receive special metadata designations, and colored borders commensurate with their level of rarity. The highest three total scores (rating * multiplier) of each character receive either a gold, silver, or bronze frame. The highest rated cat for each character also receives a gold frame.

Founders Series Hall of Fame


Two [66, 5x] Parvatis tied for second. No bronze Parvati was awarded for this reason. Additionally, two [93, 3x] Cooters tied for third. There are 37 total cats in the Founders Series Hall of Fame. The rarest rating was for Chukcha at 99. There was only a 1 in 10,000 chance of this rating. All cats in the Founders Series were created with Chainlink VRF.