Igor is an unapologetically Russian cat. He is a grizzled veteran of the streets steeped in history. He remembers the collapse of the Soviet Union well. Igor is always working hard to hustle passing rubes out of some treats. He doesn’t smile because his dental health is poor thanks to years of ‘free’ socialized healthcare. This is the main reason Russians don’t smile.

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    The Pravda newspaper Igor is grifting on was published 12/12/1991, the birthday of the artist, Nadia Khuzina, just before the Soviet Union collapsed and all rubles were made worthless overnight. The top headline was "Shares of the All-Russian Exchange Bank Are a Guarantee of Your Success, A Symbol of Your Prosperity". Everything all seemed fine until it wasn't.

    On 12/25/1991 Mikhail Gorbachev resigned, and the next day the USSR was dissolved. Khuzina was forced as young child to sell magazines on the street in the dead of that winter to afford food. Lack of proper nutrition plagued the dental health of many Russians from this era.