The Game

Full Rules Coming Soon


This is a run down of the symbols added to the Founders Series cats. The game is being play tested, and rules are subject to change. The possible numbers are 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. There are no other numbers. In general, higher numbers are better, but it will depends on the situation, and the map of the board. There are also five personality suits, Whale, Quant, Punter, Hodler, and Yenta, which you can think of as trump suits. The EtherCats card game is being developed by ex-Wizards of Coast employees, professional Magic: The Gathering players, and specialists in game theory. It is meant to be iterative, explorative, and tailored to the community wishes. There will be many symbols, maps, and metagame complexities introduced to the game as it evolves.


Puts the card touched by this symbol’s edge into a cardboard box. That card now is worth no points to either side. If the card was already in a box, remove the box. It’s worth points again. Additionally, if you put a box on your own card, then you get to play another card.


Flips the card touched by this symbol’s edge to your side. Use the personality suit of that card to flip all adjacent cards that match that suit.


Flips all cards between this card and another one of your own cards (point to your card with the symbol’s edge) to your side. This will only flip cards that have a greater number on them than the edge of your other card. e.g. If you leverage with a 2, you’ll flip any card that has a 3, 5, or 8 anywhere on it.

Nine Lives

Picks up and replays your own card touched by this symbol’s edge. This effect won’t work on cards not on your side.